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Deep within each of us is the yearning for peace. We at Soul Support Systems believe that peace is possible, both individually and collectively. We also believe that within each of us is a fountain of peace waiting to be tapped. We offer experiences that connect you with your heart and soul, and open the doorway to this fountain so that you feel the trust, acceptance and belonging within you in order for you to then take it out into your life.

In a unique visualization experience, members of the Soul Support community connect with the hearts and souls of humanity to bring a deep inner state of peace to the planet. We invite you to journey with us – Your experience will allow you to carry the vibration of peace into your life, sharing this place of being with your family, your peers, co-workers and community. 

To Join: Call (641) 715-3810 and use access code 306080

If you missed the call or want to re-experience it, call (641) 715-3829, use access code 306080 and when asked for another code, enter the pound sign (#).

From Mary Magdalene

Change the Way You Show Up in the World!


On Valentine’s Day, 2015 Mary brought us a powerful, ancient, life-changing process that she and Christ had shared in their world 2000 years ago.
Mary explained how to connect with and align our Star of Recognition/Point of Origin, our Altar of Truth or Incarnation Point, and the Vesica Pisces within us in a Diamond of Integration. 
When we align and balance these aspects in the physical and etheric bodies, we change our vibration, unify with all aspects of ourselves, come fully into our body in this incarnation, and truly erase the world’s judgment and perception of us, and Reclaim Our Individual Point of Power, “what you know yourself to be.”
As one participant shared: “Loved the call. What was described seems so natural, basic and already present, and vital/imperative to all we require and desire.”
To Receive the Recording & Transcript of this Special Event click here:

Interviews with Mary Magdalene

In a Podcast on March 12th, Mary shares an important message about how to use light to support the growth and well being of our children from conception to birth, and throughout their lives. She also gave us ways to protect our families and our children and create a safer world for all. This show was co-hosted by Joy Regina Melchizedek and TJ Ryan.

Birthing, Raising & Protecting Our Children With Light

In a Podcast on February 11th, Mary shares her life with Christ, the vision she brings to earth for us now, and her new book! To listen to this amazing and “new” information, click here:

 Mary Magdalene’s First Interview

Soul Support Programs

What Participants Are Saying

I’m still soaking in all the incredible moments and heartfelt conversations from this weekend. I am just blown away at how much fun we had together.  I’ve been asking for some friends these past few months and I definitely received that and much, much more.

– Rey