Your Soul Support Team!….Welcome Peter Insalaco

By Flo Magdalena

In divine timing and amazing synchronicity, Peter Insalaco, a Soul Recognition Facilitator from almost twenty years ago, has joined our Board of Directors.  Since Peter’s expertise is in marketing, branding and logistical support, he immediately joined our Marketing Committee.


Delving into the needs and requests of our teachers, facilitators, and participants, Peter suggested that we create a division of Soul Support Systems called Your Soul Support Team.  This new arm of SSS is dedicated to supporting our community and the activities associated with our work: newsletters (SOUL FOOD), events, media and videos, marketing, and expanding our existing programs to include online offerings and modules that teach our work.

Peter is wearing many hats as he also revamps our website and creates intern positions. He brings many resources that support each step of our personal and organizational growth so that we may more fully bring our gifts to the world.

Would you like to volunteer in these new initiatives?  We are asking for support from all that are interested in expanding the potential of our work.  Using multimedia and Social networks will help us to get our many methods and processes before new audiences. The following volunteer skill sets will be needed: Graphic Design (e.g. artwork, illustration, Photoshop), Story/Article development (e.g.; research, editing, writing),  Social Media (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn).  Have you done any video editing ?  Are you skilled in Mind-mapping ?  We would welcome a call from you if you are interested in sharing your skills.  Your volunteer contribution will make a huge difference in the impact and velocity with which we bring our gifts to a larger audience.

Peter is opening a New York office for Your Soul Support Team! His contact information is:


Peter Insalaco
c/o  Your Soul Support Team
PO Box  287040
New York, NY 10128

Office:   212-722-3531
Cell/Text:   631-902-8455
Skype:      iamenviropeter

Reach out to him if you would like to volunteer your time and expertise to contribute to this new initiative!

We welcome you, Peter, and have enormous gratitude for your presence, support, expertise, and enthusiasm!