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1-1 Sessions with a Soul Support Practitioner

1-1 session

1-1 Heart ThreadSM session

Individual sessions are positive and uplifting and you can benefit in many ways from modalities which help you by:

  • Opening and balancing the energy centers in the body to relax and support health and well-being.
  • Clarifying health issues and directing an individual toward the issues that contribute to their conditions or present diagnosis.
  • Assisting in more fully understanding patterns and agreements in relationships.
  • Giving in-depth information about the purpose of this lifetime.
  • Clarifying work and vocational challenges and questions.
  • Giving guidance and direction.
  • Assisting in the resolution of conflict.

Facilitators in North America and Europe

There are many Facilitators in North America and Europe trained in the modalities offered through Soul Support Systems. Circuitry AlignmentSM, HeartThreadSM, and Spiritual Guidance are individual experiences, and if there is not a practitioner in your area, these disciplines can take place on the phone, wherever you are in the world! Look here to find a trained facilitator in your area. For questions, please call us at (802) 722-9554 or send us a message.

Circuitry Alignment

Circuitry AlignmentCircuitry AlignmentSM is a one-to-two hour experience that connects the original blueprint of your design (your purpose in this lifetime) to your soul seed (the point of access of the soul in the body). Read more about Circuitry AlignmentSM here…


Heart ThreadHeartThreadSM is a simple and direct way to touch into and shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Discover more about HeartThreadSM here…

Soul RecognitionSM

Soul RecognitionInspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene, Soul RecognitionSM is a profound, and life-changing experience that takes us on an inner journey to reunite with our soul’s essence. Held in a field of unconditional love, you journey inward to clarify your life, purpose, gifts, dreams, and yearnings. Find out more about Soul RecognitionSM here…

Spiritual Guidance and Coaching

Spiritual Guidance and CoachingCoaching sessions offer direction, guidance and problem-solving in the following areas: balancing creation with survival; understanding the karma of relationships; fully living your potential and activating your energetic awareness to catalyze your life experience, your physical and emotional health, and to promote balance and grace in your experience. Read more about Spiritual Guidance & Coaching here…

Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM


Map Your Mind & Unleash Your Potential

          Live creatively! Be in the zone! Feel exhilarated!

Connecting with the “Quantum Leap” Capacity of Your Right Brain increases intelligence, allays emotional fears and moves you fully into your power, purpose and intention.Synch the left and right sides of your brain for easier learning and enhanced attention and focus.

                          Experience Your Peak Power!

Read more about APT…