The Seed of Light

THE SEED of LIGHT-Accessing it is easy!

Remember that the Seed of Light is your key to remembering who you are and why you have come. Within you is your piece of the divine plan! Deepen your connection with your essence and physically connect with this etheric point of your soul.

The Seed of Light is a non-visible point just below the pointy bone at the base of your sternum. It is located in a place called the xiphoid process. Place your fingertips here, where your ribs come together. It’s that simple.

Now take a deep breath in. Now exhale. Breathe in and out three or four times with your fingertips gently resting on the Seed of Light. Here is what happens automatically.

First, you come into contact with your body, gently resting as you breathe. This reduces tension and brings you more into your own rhythm.

Second, you forget the outer world and start feeling your inner world. The problems, challenges, and daily stresses begin to fade as you feel the deeper sense of your own quiet knowing.

Third, as you breathe in and out, there is a balancing of your inhalation and exhalation. This allows for the tightness in the body to dissipate. The longer you breathe in this way, the more beneficial you will find this process for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Fourth, inside your Seed of Light is a pathway to your soul. This pathway is yours. Spend time learning about it, exploring it, developing a connection.

Fifth, the soul has your blueprint and your potential inside it. To gather the parts of you and begin feeling more like yourself, make an intention. It is your time. Spend it developing and accessing the real reason you are here. You have access to the visions and dreams of your whole lifetime, here in the center of your being!

Spend as much time connecting in with this part of you as you can.

Remember! This is the place where you are fully accepted, acknowledged, and where the gifts you have come to bring the world become clear.

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