The Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming




The Promise in Our Hearts

As 2014 draws to a close, we are reminded of the prophecies from The Ones With No Names that speak of 2016 as the dawning of ‘The Peace of A Million Years of Dreaming’. The references to this deep yearning within us underlie each message that has been received for the last 30 years. There is a prophecy that our collective destinies include the shift from cognition to consciousness SOON, and that the next ten years clarify how this peaceful consciousness will be lived. (We get to practice!) The potential for this prophecy is born out through the ongoing ways in which our heart points to this experience of peace as the “way” we would choose to unfold our destinies together, keeping us aware continually of what the “goal” is— all peoples live in harmony and cooperation with all life, the children are safe. We are safe.

“We are The Ones With No Names and we have a message for you in this moment when the times of the past and the future are joining. You are standing at the apex of life. Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, in good health or poor health, you are standing at the apex. It is the time when the choosing is more important than the actualizing.

This is because the choosing and the actualizing will be- come the same in the next year. But for now, in this moment, it is imperative that you choose. You do not yet know how to act from this place of unified potential and the heart of oneness, but you have the intention to do so. You also have the ability to create this experience and reality in your life and in your world as you integrate this choice through action. We are here to assist you and to share in the focus of this time so that as you choose to embody The Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming you can do so immediately. It has to do with time. It has to do with knowing where you are in time. These “experiences” of time are signposts of the new world. To begin: State out loud every day at least 12 times: ‘I am a conduit for peace. I align with the intention of all time to manifest the truth of being into my life, body and actions. I acknowledge that I hold the key to this unfolding for all peoples, as they are reflections of my own heart and soul. It is my choice that brings union into being.’ Feel each sentence deeply and thoroughly in each cell of your body so that you remember the vibration of peace within. It is already there. Call it forth and embody it now. This is how you choose, and this is how you create the new world.” To hold the container for our individual and collective shift in consciousness, there will be bringing bi-monthly messages throughout 2015 that support our integration of the signposts for change. See below for information on ‘Fulfilling the Prophecy’.

I send you each my love and gratitude for your presence in my life at this time when the clarifying of our destinies and the shifting of our perspectives has the potential to bear such fruit. It is a benediction to be here together, sharing our hearts and souls in the alignment of grace through the sanction of the earth and all life.


Flo Aeveia

Preparing for the Shift: The Coming Together of the Ages

Messages from The Council of Light, The Star Nation, the Federation of the Galactic,
and The Ones With No Names

You can still listen and read the Fundraising Conference Call that took place on December 10th at 8 p.m. eastern. $25.00 (includes an MP3 file of the message). Payment information below)For many decades we have received spiritual guidance about The Coming Together of the Ages, a time of great wisdom, cooperation and compassion where all peoples live in harmony and peace with each other, our planet, and all life. As we approach the year 2015, we more fully understand that for peace to be experienced there will, of necessity, be a shift in consciousness that heralds a time of individual and collective awareness and interconnection with all.We all aspire to this dream. Even when we remember peace and have come to fulfill that dream through the potential we bring, we must still learn how to live peacefully within our own hearts here, in this dualistic world.We know that we are a microcosm of all that is, and that our thoughts, beliefs and actions create what we experience—are created through our perception of reality. Since our perception is one of duality, there is an ongoing opportunity to “practice” the shift from two to one—from separation to unity, from fear to love, from power to co-operation.In this hour-long fundraising event we will receive guidance from three sources with a non-dual perspective. Their intention is to assist us in navigating the waters of the next year, preparing for the shifts in consciousness that are unfolding, and strengthening our alignment and connection with/to unity as a place, a way of being, and an experience of our own creation.To receive materials from this call, please email our office:, or call 802-722-9554. We can take credit cards over the phone. Checks should be made payable to Soul Support Systems, 266 Blue Heron Way, Putney, VT 05346.

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