One-Day and Half-Day Workshops

Soul Support Systems offers a variety of introductory half-day and one-day workshops in North America and the UK. The focus of these experiential and highly interactive opportunities is to bring you the fullest and deepest learning possible about different spiritual subjects. These programs provide opportunity to deepen connection with the soul, open to inner understanding and guidance, and to learn through cellular integration.

Shown below are some of the workshops presented. For more information go to the News and Events page or call (802) 463-2200, or send us a message here.

Soul Recognition Experience

Inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalena, Soul Recognition is a profound, and life-changing experience that takes us on an inner journey to reunite with our soul’s essence. Held in a field of unconditional love, your journey inward to clarify your dreams and yearnings, to fully understand your life purpose, and to easily and gracefully bring your gifts to the world. Join Flo Aeveia Magdalena and her team of facilitators, Jadwiga Pylak, Joanie Proctor, Jackie Jordan, and Barbara Kinach for a three-and-a-half-day journey to celebrate your magnificance!

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Soul RecognitionSM is experienced in a loving group environment created from the heart. Finding the true essence and revealing the inner workings of our lives and patterns, brings space and relief from conditioned beliefs and judgments.

Through the light of your soul a path is created, one that the mind alone could never find. You will sense the lifting of beliefs and conditions that confine you as they are gently brushed or rocked away to help you identify and implement your soul’s unique design..[/EXPAND]

HeartThreadSM Half-Day Experience

Heart Thread

HeartThreadSM brings clarity and understanding of belief systems patterned and held in the body as we grew and reacted to life. These physical patterns now affect our behavior and determine our approach to life. Through conscious awareness of these patterns, shifts occur in the body/mind/emotion/spirit which, when released, allow us to live without restriction and fear.

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A heart link is created between “practitioner,” client and anyone present. This connection extends beyond the room and links together all life forms that comprise the living weave of creation. It is a “place” in consciousness where one experiences a unified field based on oneness. In this “place”, we transcend our feelings of separation and isolation. It can even be done over the phone!

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The ‘F’ Factor – A One-Day Workshop for Women

The Divine Feminine

 Foster clear and independent strength and bring forth the Divine Feminine within you.

Experience the depth of your own loving, supportive Feminine Essence in this ‘Feminine’ Factor workshop.

As women we carry immeasurable grief. Living in a dualistic, competitive, non-intuitive world offers little of the innate feminine – beauty, harmony, unconditional support, soft all-seeing wisdom.

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How can we balance this worldly reality with the Matriarchal lineage within us that yearns to express and share? How can we guide our children, our families, and the world toward this softer, more cooperative, and deeply spiritual reality? How can we feel this ourselves?

The understanding we need to integrate our worlds comes from the connection to our own Divine Feminine Essence.

Our Journey together will explore and deepen the embrace of Feminine Archetypal Energy by calling upon Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophia and Others, creating a Sisterhood of Love and Compassion in which we all participate. As we share this  embrace with the women present we anchor this into our bodies, opening our Feminine Essence to flow into our lives, effortlessly guiding and supporting ourselves and others. (This class is designed to be given to an existing group of women or at a location where women gather to experience their spiritual essence. We can come to your group or call a group together. Contact us!)

A Testimonial from the ‘F’ Factor Workshop in the UK in February 2010

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude again and let you know that this weekend has been the best experience of my life so far. I feel blessed that circumstances culminated to bring me to work on healing myself with your guidance.  I now feel connected, but most of all I feel full. There isn’t an emptiness anymore that I felt compelled to fill with anything I could get my hands on, food mostly”.

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The Vibration of Peace- A Half-Day Experience

The Vibration of PeaceWithin us is a deep yearning to live in peace. To move from dualism to union means that we each choose to live peacefully at every opportunity. Living in peace is only an idea if we cannot actually experience what peace is on a cellular level. Once we again rest in the vibration of peace, the yearning and the experience create the weave in our cells and bodies, which then grounds peace within us so that we can actualize this reality in our world.

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For peace to be foundationed, new systems of interconnectedness must be woven into the existing systems of our world. New models must replace the dualistic, separatist and non-cooperative choices that now condition our beliefs and our behavior, and thus, all of our relationships.

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Vitalizing Your Energy Body – Living Fully and Creating Abundantly

A One-Day Experience

Your Energy Body

Our energy system is the underlying foundation for all of our life experience. How good we feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually is due to the flow and balance of our energy body. Everything we experience is in relationship with our energy field, others’ energy fields, and the energy field of earth and larger dimensions.

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Creativity, connection, and belonging are dependent on the awareness of our energy – where it comes from, how it is directed, and how it grounds and manifests. In a fun and cooperative exchange we will experiment with skills and tools to:

– Balance our energy system to feel more alive, healthy, and more comfortable in our body.
– Understand how energy affects all our relationships and delve into those relationships that are conflictual, uncomfortable, or off-putting!
– Connect with the earth, the heavens, our guides and our angels.

Understanding ourselves as energy provides options for health, well-being, increased energy, less dis-ease in joints and body systems, and more fulfillment and productivity. Wise use of our energy system supports us in expanding vision, experiencing clarity, connecting with our design, and showing up with full presence.

Flo Magdalena, the author of I Remember Union and Sunlight on Water, is the founder of Soul Support Systems. Flo has created numerous energy medicine techniques that enhance our lives through connection with our souls and bodies.

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