Self-Authority: Alignment With Your True Self

Self-Authority is being in alignment—not with what is expected of you, not with what society has conditioned you to be—but in alignment with yourself, your light, and your knowing. It is that simple.

Living from Self-Authority begins by recognizing that your essence, your soul vibration, the voice of your experience, and your innate connection with light are the ground you stand on. No one can take that away from you, change it, or alter it. NO ONE.

Before a challenge comes into your life, or while you are experiencing a challenge, stand in a pillar of light. Know that if you are thrown off base by anything, you have stepped out of the center of your knowing, your essential vibration and your connection—in other words, you are no longer in alignment. Do the simple exercise described below to get into and stay in alignment.

alignment 2

The 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Exercise

Warning! This exercise requires very little physical exertion!

Standing straight and tall, take in a deep breath. Establish a conscious connection (through choice and intention) with the clear, pure light of creation. Bring this light down through the top of your head and focus it on your hypothalamus (located at the lower skull area at the back of your neck). Now take this light down through your body using the following 7 steps:

alignment 1

  1. Move your left shoulder forward and back. Do this one time. Repeat this movement with your right shoulder. Do this one time.
  2. Move your left shoulder up and down one time. Repeat this movement with your right shoulder one time.
  3. Focus on your heart and take in another deep breath. Exhale.
  4. Move your focus and energy to your solar plexus (located about 2 inches above your navel) and breathe in deeply. Exhale.
  5. Place your attention on your root (or coccyx) and take a deep breath. Exhale.
  6. Move the light down through your hips, pausing a moment at your knees and continuing down your legs.
  7. Take that pure, clear light of creation and move it through your feet and down into the earth. Breathe in deeply. Exhale.

Now you are balanced and aligned. Energy and light are flowing through you into the earth. You are standing in your own essence, your innate knowing, your Self-Authority. Practice this exercise every day, especially in moments when you feel a challenge, and see what happens. You will learn to love it!


“If we have no doubt in our field, if Self-Authority is in operation, then we have no doubt in our interactions, decisions or intentions. Self-Authority is a way of being. A way that can be practiced on a daily basis with every single thought that comes into your head, every single challenge that arises, and in all processes that require you to stretch, grow or feel uncomfortable.”

alignment 4

-John Henry, spiritual guide