Rosemary’s Vision: Expansion, Support, & Family –
Meet the Olympics – by Jane Ilgenfritz

Olympic+Rings STARSRosemary took her vision with her wherever she went and began to get inspiration and support from those she met along the way.  Her vision for mass transformation first took flight (spaceships anyone) during the trainings in Arizona last August.  It was there that she saw expansion and support of her soul family and through The Nameless Ones.

The Nameless Ones offered her this regarding her question on mass transformation:

“The most important ingredient for expansive consciousness experiences like you are discussing has to do with what we would call the Flipping of Soul coordinate through the consciousness of many people simultaneously. So before you have the event occurring in that way you are flipping, all of you are flipping the soul component in and through lots and lots of realities to simulate the consciousness of each person to be attracted to experience that flipping in a practical way, in a kind of an actual way for them. It’s going to take what you might call magnification – what you might call collaborative energy exchange between many, many souls. So in a sense the ground swell would be to first coordinate that flipping soul energy with about 12 people, then 24, then 48… So when you are going to work with big groups the main ingredient is this expansive excitation!”

“So you actually experience the essence, the energy of what does this feel like when we are flipping our souls.  In other words, it’s like when you are going camping and you have these backpack things and you want to hang things off the backpack … that have little flip things and then they click – made out of aluminum or something- you flip so you connect your souls together and you have a long chain …and it isn’t static – it isn’t stationary…it is just very much moving and all of your souls are constantly charging each other.”

After some experimentation with a few of her Soul Sisters, there was awareness with this expansion that comes from our imagination, so the Souls Sisters began to envision shifts for sporting events.  During these events, the Soul Sisters offered support and light to teams and persons involved in the games.


Then the Olympics came and Rosemary was inspired to send “heart inspired intentions” for miracles to all participants and leaders.

After listening to the opening ceremonies and hearing of the media’s lean toward fear she was inspired.  Rosemary felt the Olympics seemed like a great opportunity to give this Soul Flipping idea a whirl and invited a group of Circuitry AlignmentSM Facilitators, who were used to her vivid imagination and experiments, to participate in the Olympics Soul Flipping Experiment and Remote Circuitry AlignmentSM for the Planet.

In the tone of lets have some fun and expand our imagination beyond all limits, she encouraged everyone to use their imaginations and start creating and linking up their own soul flipping circles by seeing their heart connecting with friends, family, celebrities, angels, masters, and anyone who popped into their minds.  And inviting the higher selves of those at the Olympics and all those watching the Olympics on TV around the world!  Thus the excitation began, souls were coming in and circles began forming 12, then 24, then 48 linked together.  Imagine Archangel Michael, President Obama, Cher, your sister or family member’s souls joining together and linking through play or amusement rides or meditation in a group.  Then more souls joining and more without limit through time and space.

She then called out for a remote Circuitry AlignmentSM and All Souls flipping are also invited to have a remote Circuitry AlignmentSM…  which we did as a group on a conference call on Feb. 12th. Fourteen Circuitry AlignmentSM Facilitators attended and facilitated a CA on one person with the intention of this person representing MANY.  And since there is no time…the intention is that All Souls invited after this date would still be included.  This is the expansion we are all looking for and we could be up to 9 Million at this time!

And why stop with the Olympics!!  Join in the fun and start creating your soul flipping circles! We’d love to hear of your interpretation and vision of Soul Flipping too. Rosemary will lead calls for anyone interested in experiencing and helping to expand this energy field on March 5th& March 19th at 9pm eastern time.  You do not have to be a CA facilitator to join!   Feel free to email Rosemary at and you will be added to the email list to receive the call­ information.

Keep expanding!!!!