Soul Recognition

The Soul RecognitionSM Experience

“The deepest work you will ever ask yourself to do!” (KF)

Soul RecognitionSM is a natural way to experience and become aware of presence, to receive inner acknowledgment, to remember the innate gifts you bring and the part you are here to play and to then fully express your essence in the world.

Soul RecognitionSM is experienced in a loving group environment created from the heart. Finding the true essence and revealing the inner workings of our lives and patterns, brings space and relief from conditioned beliefs and judgments.

Through the light of your soul a path is created, one that the mind alone could never find. You will sense the lifting of beliefs and conditions that confine you as they are gently brushed or rocked away to help you identify and implement your soul’s unique design.

Directing one’s life from the soul brings balance and harmony within and links the consciousness of many people at one time, creating a critical mass which weaves a field of union.

Soul RecognitionSM journeys are three, four, or five day experiences which include integration, assimilation, and the grounding of your journey into the deep circuits of the body. As the light and energy liberated during the Soul RecognitionSM is breathed more and more deeply into the cells, living our essential nature in everyday experience becomes easier. The Soul RecognitionSM journey assists us to truly begin remembering that we are light and vibration in form.

The Importance of Soul-Full Living

Living through the soul’s direction and guidance allows us to live from the “inside out” rather than from the “out-side in.” We have more mental clarity, keener senses, greater depth of feeling, better health and relationships, and a new found sense of purpose. We listen to the messages of our soul purpose and our heart and make decisions that enhance our lives and the lives of others.

Soul Recognition

Soul RecognitionSM – learn to live your essential nature

Relationships become more sustainable because we can relate to each other non-judgmentally through honoring and truth, always holding the heart more open, even in difficult circumstances.

We are already aware of the importance of the mind-body connection and its implications for health. When we experience the soul-heart connection, our energy is able to flow freely. When we experience this balance, natural union exists within us and we feel an inner peace and harmony.

Soul connection also has important implications for people in challenging life circumstances, such as substance abuse, physical/emotional issues and health conditions. When we are connected with the soul on conscious and unconscious levels, we become aware of our inherent value and are more confident and self-responsible.

Soul RecognitionSM – A Journey of Integration and Expansion

SR offers balance for our whole system, which then creates a deeper awareness of who we are, why we are here, and more clearly shows how we “fit” in the world. When we remove areas of separation that exist within our system we are more present, available, focused and creative.

“An ancient honoring of the soul and the unique purpose of each individual, which provides a group imprinting and re-patterning as we witness each other with acceptance, love, and a sense of belonging”

in this beautiful article by Flo ‘Soul RecognitionSM – A Journey of Integration and Expansion‘.

Responses to Soul RecognitionSM

“I have never felt so safe and so vulnerable” C.S.

“Wonderful, the best thing I have ever done for myself – I found joy, and for the first time feel whole, complete” D.T.

“A new confidence in my connection with soul and my ability to live and work from this place” O.J.

“I have peace that goes with me wherever I go” R.T.

Participants describe their Soul RecognitionSM as “a deep experience of love…” providing “decreased anxiety”…with an ability to “meet challenges with a different response” in some cases a “remission of disease” and “a greater vitality, with more fun and laughter.””

Soul Recognition - Painting by Jeanette Tuppen

Soul RecognitionSM – Painting by Jeanette Tuppen

“Dear Flo,
After your workshop my life changed completely and I arrived to oneness of my soul. The city I live it is called Szolnok. I opened my house it is called House of Harmony and this is a very warm, nice and peaceful place. My clients love this place very much. I am proud of this.  During the healing I use the knowledge I learned from you, and I appreciate very much and thank. I hope we will meet soon, I embrace you warmly!” Eva

“My own experience is that it is the most life changing thing I have ever done, without a doubt. It has cleared old patterns and ‘stuff’ that have been locked in for a very long time. It has also opened me up to the deeper, wiser more authentic aspects of myself. I am more connected with me and with those around me. I know why I am here, what I have come to do and most importantly I am doing it. It is still unfolding in me even now as my body integrates and aligns itself more and more each day with the pure energy/light of my soul.

The Soul RecognitionSM experience brings the pure energy of the soul into the body in a very real and grounded way. The body moves into alignment with the soul so that we can be fully present with all that we are and all that we could be. The Soul RecognitionSM is also a journey of remembering the ancient ways of unity, connection and togetherness that we have perhaps forgotten. It is about Love.” Gabriella

“DO IT! The experience was lovely, deeply loving. The result was subtly and colossally profound. I feel more at home in the strange place we call life on earth because I am not living from that tiny place anymore. I am living now in recognition from the grand perspective of the soul, my soul, All soul.” Olaive Jones-Hialeah

“It was overwhelmingly beautiful for so many to come together to escort us on an inexplicable journey. It was the best ride of my life! It has left me with a presence I have never previously known. ” C.N.

“I was amazed at how everyone just accepted the fact that I was a human being with a soul. None of my outer circumstances really mattered – judgment fell away, and I now know we are all linked together.” G.C.

“Soul RecognitionSM was the most powerful week of my life.” Dr. Robert Nash, Neurologist

“I found something within myself that I knew was there but I’ve never been able to find.” A.W.

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