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We are again returning to Sandbridge Beach in Virginia to deepen our connections with ourselves and each other!  We have booked a lovely rental house named “The Four Seasons”

Arrival:  after 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 17th.
Checkout:  at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 24th.

Prior gatherings have included ocean and inlet kayaking, warm water experiences, dolphin and whale sightings, and amazing fun and fellowship as we focus on living in soul!

Space is limited and we usually fill up, so please don’t wait to reserve your spot!  See our Events page for details!



Creating a unified field and holding the space of union with other individuals is the key to opening the Grace within us. We can then offer our greatest gifts of the heart to others. Our retreats are grounded in the concept of the unified field that holds us all, all of the time. We are, however, not always conscious of this holding, which conditions us to feel ourselves as separate. As individuals we can come together in a group or family, but do not know how to truly belong as an integrated part of the Whole.

Residential retreat

Soul Support Systems offers short and long term retreats as part of this deep work of belonging and remembering. Soul RecognitionSM is a residential 3-5 day retreat. Facilitator trainings vary from 3-8 days, and other 4-6 day gatherings are scheduled periodically in different parts of the world. The residential aspect supports our experience of union, reinforcing the possibility that we can integrate this connectedness and live the fullness of our oneness with all that is.

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You can read in detail about our Soul RecognitionSM residential retreat here, about our Facilitator training retreats here, and check out our News and Events page to see what’s coming up in the next few months.

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