Conference Calls

Conference Calls

Inspirational Messages from The Ones With No Names

In November of 1986, The Ones With No Names (also referred to as TNO – The Nameless Ones) began providing guidance and understanding to many individuals through Flo Magdalena in individual sessions.

Since then, TNO has periodically given group messages and from May of 2005 to February of 2006, they gave a weekly channeling series via conference call, to assist us to understand the upcoming times and to foundation and support our lives and experience. These calls continued from 2006-2010 on a bi-weekly basis.

All of these calls have been recorded and transcribed, you can find information in the Archives section of our on-line store for ordering these amazing and inspirational messages that bring our understanding of spirit in to the realm of the practical.

Flo is now bringing messages from TNO on a monthly basis. Check our Events Calendar for the next conference call listing. If you miss the call there is a callback number available so that you can listen until the next call takes place, when the new recording will replace the previous one.

All of the new conference calls are available on CD in our on-line store, and will soon be available to download as MP3 files.

If you would like more information, call us at (802) 463-2200 or send us a message here.