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Foreword from ‘Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul-Full Living’

From The Ones With No Names

Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul-Full LivingWe are inherently a body of light and knowledge that maintains order and truth in the universe. Part of that truth and order is giving you as much assistance as possible in the process of charging your light body, so that you can do it yourselves. We have given you our best shot here, as they say. We have asked for the cooperation of all dimensions in bringing you this manual for three express purposes: to make your learning more simple; to let you know that there is cooperation in the ethers to assist you; and to show you that the greatest experiment is yours.

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In the chapters that follow, we will share with you the key or the gate that opens to give you access to the gold at the end of the rainbow—your charge of light lived through your essence in union with all things. This design of union is the three-in-one, and we will explain this concept in many ways, facilitating your understanding of how to bring the three into one, creating union in your experience.

The fundamentals of what we provide for you in this Manual for Soul-Full Living are ways you can view yourselves, the world, the universe, the Earth, the creatures, the force fields, the essential energies, the kingdoms, and the essences, in an interrelationship that sustains the body of light and knowledge, truth and order, and foundation in this place. Our objective is to create “Heaven on Earth.” It has been our objective from the very beginning.

We have done that most effectively to date through individual sessions, having you experience yourself as “Heaven on Earth.” We now offer the experience of Heaven on Earth to all humanity. Whether you negate the words that we give you, whether you embrace them, whether you separate from them, sustain them, empower them, embody them, or expand them and exhilarate them, is your choice. However, we have given you your piece of Heaven. That’s our job. And it is to show each of you how, by being a piece of “Heaven on Earth,” Heaven can manifest on Earth. Without you it will not happen in the same way

The design is such that each of you is intricate to its unfolding, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and however you’re processing. It’s all been taken into account. It really means that you can relax, enjoy life, be at peace in yourself; can experience your feet or your head, or your heart, or wherever you want to, and it’s all already ordained. It means that no matter what you do, what your habits are, no matter what you believe is right or wrong, that you will learn to sustain light regardless of that. You’ll find that regardless of what you think, or where you come from, or what you’ve been ordained to experience in your own conditioning, the foundation of what happens for you will be more real as each moment evolves and ticks by. There will be a place in you that responds to the charge of the critical mass around you and that assists you to embody more light. That’s why it’s easier now.

In other words, there’s nothing to worry about. Because you will accelerate, it will accelerate, and the foundation will evolve itself regardless of what you do and regardless of what track you’re on—it will still happen. That’s the way you can do whatever you’re doing and all of a sudden one day say, “Oh, I am going to affirm ‘I am light,’” and be completely on track, even if you haven’t been on track for 35, 58, or however many years.” As you unfold this it means that you cannot fail. The design is such that it has already got your permission for you to be the best that you already are. It’s good news. And the foundation of this good news is your choice in the Swing Between Worlds, before birth, to bring light to Earth, which is why we come now to remind you of this process.

Our love for you is infinite as we unfold for you the principles of our understanding of the universe. We do so in love, so that what unfolds from the reading of this material is a foundation that establishes you in the great design from the beginning. There is no greater place to have than to be in at the beginning. And if you are drawn to pick up Sunlight on Water: A Manual for Soul-Full Living, you were there at the beginning. You will be there at the ending. And most importantly, you’re here now.

We would recommend that you read this book thoroughly and study the exercises, conceptually doing your best to integrate the vibration of each chapter, and to integrate the concepts if you choose. It is also important to choose that your experience will be a unifying one.

After you’ve gone through the exercises, processes, and disciplines, and tried them at least once, you’ll know what each exercise feels like. We then recommend that you go through the manual every week, at least once, and ask, “What do I need to do this week?” The energy is what’s going to call you back to it. You’re going to say, “All right, today I need to feel the energy I felt when I was doing this particular exercise.” It won’t be conscious after awhile. You’ll be hob-nobbing all around the universe doing all different kinds of things for the purpose of reorganizing the vibration so that it fits the syntax of where you are. Experience this as a context for understanding, yes, and a manual for living, yes, and an instruction for bringing your life into truth and order.

Those of you who are working to assist in the attainment of the design of resolution are working on the experience of light. After the year 2005, the experience of light becomes peace. You are moving now together, and as the light starts to come into the body fully it starts to manifest as a literal place physically, ethereally, psychically, societally, and familially. As the light is embodied it becomes the threshold for peace, which is union in action.

So acceleration happens—acceleration constantly moving the critical mass, which is the resolution, which is peace. Peace. As the light bodies refine, the distinction of separation is no longer there because the foundation is providing a recognition for, and an opportunity for, the expression of light being, or being in light. Communication will occur on all levels: interspecies, intergalactic, intercreature, and much more. As all these levels filter in, technology will advance. All of your awareness will come into being.

There was a big gap before 2005 between technology and the heart. During the last ten years there was a revision of the current system of being, relating, orchestrating, designing, and co-creating. Everything is undergoing huge reorientation. It is orienting from form into light and back into form. It is trans-form-ation, which means that you’re not trying to get light so you can ascend and leave. It means you are providing your vehicle as a way for the light body to anchor, so that the foundation of the experience of your life becomes oriented to the consciousness of the future design, which is technology and heart in union, as well as everything else in union.

You’re refining every system of your being, regardless of what it is, so that it can reflect a new technology, a new way of providing a basis that is ethereal and practical simultaneously, which is our definition of technology. As you create a relationship between these levels, they provide you with vehicles for expression and union, for communication and for development of models and technologies. People will use light instead of pacemakers, light instead of food, and light instead of lovers. As this unfolds as a way of being, the choices people make are very different on a daily basis.

Each of you now has an opportunity to make that charge happen. And that new technology and new way of being are where you come from because you’ve changed your channel, your rut, or your experience, from one side to the other. “I don’t want it to be hard anymore. I’m choosing light, so I’m going to flow with the essence of that charge, and as I do that, no-thing matters, everything is light, and everything is now.”

If you understand through the cellular what the light body is, and experience the charge of the light body, then it’s worth five million words, and a lot of your time, effort, energy, education, and money, because it’s a short-cut. This will magnetically attract others to you and create the field of critical mass to engender for the masses the spark of attraction. They all come into this experience with you, and are then open to the unfolding of this technology of heart, or foundation of being, which on many levels provides an opportunity for the new dimensional relationships that you’ve been thinking about and learning about, to come into being. All the new frameworks are born from critical mass. That’s why we make reference to the critical mass so much in our wordage and our intention, so that the attention is placed on the massive coming together of light, so that everyone understands that this is where the catharsis from separation to non-separation happens.

Critical mass is, by definition, a place of non-separation. You’re not teaching the ideology of non-separation, saying, “You shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t do this.” You’re teaching an energetic that is in a wave frame, bringing the results that you are choosing from your very intention of being here, which is fulfilling your own need. It’s fulfilling your own process, and that’s why it’s so beautiful and so aligned with the intention of so many. It is aligned with the intention of more people than you can count. It’s a wave, and it’s going to be born. It’s just now reaching its threshold, and it’s going to be very absolute, as it needs to be.

Each of you has responded to the calling, and come together now with the intention of living from the soul. We would invite you to participate in this manual as a response, rather than as a reading. As a response, it will carry a charge. Let the charge in. As you read the words, let the charge in and it will validate for you that you are a piece of Heaven, and that it is of great import for you to live that piece of Heaven, absolutely. Be the charge wherever you’ve been planted, and grow there until the moment comes spontaneously—the snap of the fingers that says, “My calling is over here,” and then go. Know as you go that you’ve already played out all the scenarios in front of you, and have created a wave of critical mass for you to ride home on, and it’s already more than okay, it’s phenomenal. And your part is the lead part. No matter who you are, it’s the lead. Because only you can play it. And without you it doesn’t happen.

The pattern that you’re in, as it was chosen, was ordained by the Absolute, or you wouldn’t have gotten out of the “Pearly Gates.” As it responds in you, is evoked from you, and as you live the charge of it, you will experience contentment—deep, deep contentment—and the knowing that the pieces are already together. It’s not your responsibility to put them together, it’s your ability to respond to the charge inside of you, essentially, which keeps it together. That’s what remembering is: knowing that that charge is yours, and your decision to make it happen, made it happen. And now as you unfold it, it is pure revelation. It is what’s revealed, not what’s hidden, and not what’s having to be attained by working, thinking, educating, and suffering.

Since you are that piece of Heaven, your ordination is about divinity. What makes it divine is that as it was chosen and accorded, it was also re-solved (put back into the fluids), that bring you forward now into its expression. For it is the fluids that you are flowing through and with that carry the charge, and that are always viable to the substance within them.
Being a piece of Heaven on Earth, vibrationally, is an attenuation, a frequency already tuned that requires no-thing, and a place where the foundation always was, is, and will be absolute. Which means you are absolute. There is nothing that you have to do, but be.

The Heaven that is in you will then be on Earth, and the charge of that essence will vibrate so that the fullness of your soul will express its essence, and all things will be made clear unto you. For that is what the design says. This is the place where we are as civilization—not as a civilization—as civilization. Where we are is in the reordering of all dimensions in form.
The role you were given, you are given by the Absolute. The role that you were given is indelibly impressed as the Key to the Kingdom that supports the charge of your consciousness in expression. Everything that you know, everything that you sustain, everything that you carry, in a very viable sense, goes with you and shapes the unfolding of that charge, so that it feels always co-creative. It feels always as if you’re doing it with, and that’s beautiful, because that’s union.

And that’s why Heaven is coming to Earth.

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Advice on parenting – from ‘Honoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and Communication’

Honoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and CommunicationWhen there is an understanding of the energy patterning, there can be an affirmation and manifestation of the pattern in its design, energetically, which provides the momentum to bring the experience of union to being.

The connection that this child has to the universe is great. It knows it is light, it knows it is immortal. The child understands that it is one with all souls. Each soul has a unique blueprint for affecting earth reality. This blueprint is encoded on a very deep level into the soul.

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The children who are with you and the children who are coming have visions such as no other generation has had. They will see more clearly than any other generation. If the parents align with the energy of the child’s awareness, they will also be able to see the greater design, the design called the Hologram. The children are bringing the message of unity.

If the parents, particularly the mother, makes an intention to connect with the soul of the unborn child, this creates a space of unity. The connection with the mother and child is deeper and conversation is possible. The family can have a deeper awareness of the child’s spirit. Then, at the moment of birth, the child has the opportunity to be born more consciously. There is a deeper sense of connection as light and the memory of universal awareness is more present. The child then will go down the tunnel, through the chambers of time and space, and arrive able to resume its spiritual calling without as much delay. The life’s vision will be clear.

This is the most crucial role that either parent can play – to help the child remember its calling from the first moment!

For more information on the birthing process and supporting your child please have a look at the Books, CDs and DVDs in our online store.


My Passing – an excerpt from ‘I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene’

I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene

By Flo Aeveia Magdalena

I stood on the mountain
and I was truly alone,
for there was no one of my people
to send me to the other side.
And in that moment all became clear.
The vision I had sought
was there with me finally,
as a part of my eyes,
and a part of my mind,
and a part of my being.

I reviewed the events, for that was all they were.
The events of a time, and a place, and a soul, and a calling.
And in the end it did not matter,
for the story could be rewritten many times and in many ways,
and the one God remained, and all the Gods in attendance,
and all the spirits and all the helpers.

The angels and the beings of light all remained,
and did not stray from their watchful position at the edge of time.

Read the full excerpt here (opens in a .pdf document – requires Adobe .pdf reader – get it free from Adobe here).
You can buy a copy of ‘I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene’ by Flo Aeveia Magdalena in the Books and DVDs section of our online store.

(‘I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene’ was previously published under the author name Flo Calhoun.)

The Crystal Cathedral of the Soul – an excerpt from ‘Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul-Full Living’

When you’re in the soul, you always have three components available at the same time, soul structure, safety, and trust.

The consciousness of humanity is being de-structured massively now. Everything you have learned or have been told about what makes you safe, everything you believe about what’s important, every reality you have lived is changing its form.

You are actually living the dream and intention you had before you came into human form, but now that you’re here you don’t have an instruction manual!  You came back into a time of de-structuring to do the whole thing without the manual and without structure.  So safety is the number one issue, because you don’t know where to get safety from.

Read the full exerpt ‘The Crystal Cathedral of the Soul’ here (opens in a .pdf document – requires Adobe .pdf reader – get it free from Adobe here).

‘Living in Non-Duality’

Living in Non-DualityThe Nameless Ones

One of the most important aspects of your consciousness is the ability to discern. Discernment has to do, primarily, with your own understanding of what connections you have formed in the past, what connections you have now and what connections you would like to experience in the future. The interconnectedness of time elements between past, present and future merge and you look at the passage of your life differently. You begin to organize the cells of your body in different ways than before and relate in the world from a much more grounded place. The choices that are made cause and affect the reality that you put into place for yourself and for others.

Read the full exerpt ‘Living in Non-Duality’ here (opens in a .pdf document – requires Adobe .pdf reader – get it free from Adobe here).

Spiritual Nourisment articleSpiritual Nourishment

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Science now defines and communicates “new” ways to view our bodies, our connection with each other, and our world. These theories involve energy fields measurable in and through the body, as demonstrated through acupuncture, shiatsu, Watsu (water shiatsu), tai quon dow, tai chi, and so forth. Through Rupert Sheldrake, we learn about morphogenic fields, the 100th monkey syndrome, which joins our species in a nonverbal, non linear sharing of knowledge and information. Through Bruce Lipton, James Oshman, and Valerie Hunt we learn about fields of unification or interconnectedness that can be experienced as cellular or system congruence.

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