Soul Support Systems provides experiential spiritual education through a variety of programs that focus on the relationship between the body, mind, emotion and spirit. Learning and experiencing our wholeness then supports us in creating balance, vitality, health, and well being in every area of our life. Our offerings bring the heart and soul into full expression so that we live a more purpose centered life, creating our happiness from an inner blueprint or diagram of what works for us. We open to the full self-authorship of our life and stay centered in our knowing which then makes life easier and more graceful.

HeartThread (HT) is an individual experience that can be scheduled with a Facilitator or you can attend an evening or daylong program where you will have a HeartThread session, learn about the process and understand the principles of mind/body connection more completely. HeartThread connects the body and the unconscious mind, bringing messages that integrate the patterns and beliefs held in our body so that we can release them, shift our perspective and feel the space and grace that is within us. HT offers relief from chronic issues and emotional challenges as well, and supports us in relating to others more consciously and with more presence. HT sessions are about one hour in length and can be scheduled in-person or remotely.

HT trainings are three days in length and you are then able to work with others to support this process as a vocation.

Circuitry Alignment (CKT) is an individual energy session that clarifies our life purpose, brings a stronger connection with our spiritual origin and our divine nature, and deeply integrates our divinity into our cells and systems. CKT sessions are about two hours and can be done in-person or remotely.

CKT trainings are three days in length and you are then able to work with others to support this process as a vocation.

The Accelerated Thinking Process (ATP) identifies your individual Thought Wave Form and how your thinking pattern actually works. The focus of this process is to establish an integration of the right and left-brain for optimal functioning. During the session you receive clarity on how you get stuck, where your mind goes when you are unfocussed or not present, and receive instruction in how to work with individual learning challenges, traumas, fears, phobias, and areas of your life that you feel are affected by your beliefs, experiences of isolation and/or areas where resolution will increase clarity, support you in moving forward in your life, and deepen your happiness, success and ability to relate with others in harmony. Individual sessions are one and a half hours (1 1/2 hours) and require a follow-up appointment. When working with children with the “diagnosis” of ADD or other related learning challenges, parents are given the Thought Wave Form and the Facilitator works with the parents to implement solutions and to support the integration of the right and left-brain for optimal learning.

ATP trainings are three days in length and you are then able to work with others to support this process as a vocation.

Soul Recognition (SR) is a deep and meaningful life-changing opportunity to dive deeply into the innermost world of our being. We touch into and bring out our innate gifts and strengths, identifying who we are, why we have come, and understand the patterns within that create our most optimal learning experiences. In a non-verbal and supportive container held by others, we come to understand our place in the universe and at the same time, clarify what has stopped us from living our magnificence. We open like a flower and drink in the warmth and acceptance of the souls who journey with us, finding solace and knowing we belong to the human tribe, knowing we belong, and choosing to bring our uniqueness and our gifts to the world. Soul Recognition is a 4-5 day deep residential retreat.

SR Training to become a SR Facilitator is a combination of Learning Modules, Hands-on training, and Apprenticeship.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena
Executive Director, Founder
Soul Support Systems is a 501c3 corporation, based in Vermont and established in 1994