Our Organization & Guiding Principles

Soul Support Systems

Soul Support Systems provides spiritual education to guide human evolution. A 501C3 not-for-profit organization established in 1994 in Vermont, USA, our programs educate adults and children in ways to further peace and cooperation. We train facilitators in spiritually-based, non-religious, unifying group and individual education, and assist individuals and families in times of transition and challenge.

Soul Support Systems has developed programs to bring the promise of humanity into the world. Our programs offer proven methods to connect with the Heart (HeartThreadSM), to access the Soul’s Purpose (Circuitry AlignmentSM), and to foundation New Systems to Accelerate and Catalyze Individual and Planetary Transformation (Soul RecognitionSM). Our experiential programs offer guidance provided from universal sources, and also utilize The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM a diagram of your left and right brain function to support your fundamental integration and enhance your creative potential.

Soul Support Systems Vision Statement

Our vision is a global community of heart centered, self-responsible, connected individuals living and expressing authentically, each contributing their own unique piece of the whole; co-creating a world of peace with deep respect for, and collaboration with, all life.

Soul Support Systems Mission Statement

Our Mission: We provide tools and experiences that assist in developing a deeper connection with our heart and soul,  to live a more empowered, self–aware and authentic life.

Principles of Soul Support Systems

  • Inherent within us is a Seed of Light that carries our essence, potential and the blueprint of our soul’s calling.
  • Connecting with our blueprint makes it possible to give our true gift to the world.
  • Making a bridge between the inner world of our potential and its expression in the world is the focus of Soul Support Systems.
  • New human family and social systems evolve from listening to the dream within us.
  • The heart and technology together bring forth the seeds of a new world.
  • By building our individual strands of consciousness we are stronger in who we are and what we bring.
  • What we experience guides us to recreate ourselves according to our inner knowing instead of our outer conditioning.
  • Witnessing the deep inner journey of others and having our journeys witnessed is essential for the building of true community.
  • We are here to live our purpose and share our dream.
  • All that we need is within us and finding it is our journey.
  • Creating together makes life exciting and gives us a chance to live cooperatively.
  • Witnessing others struggles offers us a mirror for our own self-growth.
  • Sharing pain lightens it and strengthens our togetherness.
  • Building community strengthens families and society.
  • Shelving beliefs and differences stimulates creativity and births new models.
  • We’re all in this together. What happens to any of us happens to all of us.
  • We have a soul connection with all life which is a key to oneness.
  • Living our oneness brings honoring, respect and peace.
  • As we remember and live in oneness, we accept all peoples.
  • When we stop separating, there is no separation.