Manifesting Mastery Monday

Every Monday at 8 p.m. eastern time, we are offering 15 minutes of wisdom or progressive result oriented modalities, to activate your self-mastery. These meditations are designed to support your connection and expansion, and to assist you to live your purpose abundantly. Calls will be lead by trained teachers. Each week you will have the opportunity to experience something new. The heart of Soul Support Systems is offering this gift to you, a non-profit dedicated to the evolution of humanity. We hope you can join us as we ride the wave of Creation, our path to abundance, clarity and peace.

This Call-In is open to All Souls, Please Pass-It-Forward…

Call-In Number 605-562-3131, Access Code 636883. To listen after the call, dials 605-562-3132#. When asked for another access code, hit # again. Happy Manifesting!

For Additional Information Contact Soul Support Systems, 802-722-9554.