Living The Prophecy: A Year Long Course

Living the Prophecy: A Year Long Course of Study

The Messengers: The Council of Light, The Ones With No Names, The Star Nation, The Federation of the Galactic and others

This year will be comprehensive, with monthly assignments that will be given to steady your world. For that is what is now needed, many of us steadying the world as we hold the completion of the “experiment” in grace, and design together a deeper and more compassionate state of being here. 

“The facets of the world are showing various and opposite sides. We are at a time of imperative focus. It is a time to align with the divine in everything, without exception, and to erase the ideologies upon which we have built our civilizations into separation.

It is this separation that is the indication of what we are viewing in our world and among our peoples. Taken to the extreme, separation is judgment, but also annihilation. Ultimately, we cannot survive annihilation. We speak here, not only of physical annihilation, but of spiritual annihilation.

In the technological and sophisticated worlds in which you find yourselves, there is spiritual annihilation occurring on a moment-to-moment basis through the choices that are being made by the minds of the people. The hearts are being opened through tragedy, and not from a choice to join outside of shock and turmoil.

Part of the design for human evolution is that there will come a time, sometimes termed Armageddon, when all will be cut lose from its origins of duality and return to the true origins of being—the light of the heart being remembered through the core of the being.

This remembrance is one way of seeing and acknowledging that Armageddon. For if one truly throws off all dualistic thinking and returns to the origin of being, it is quite an Armageddon.

To continue with the sourcing of your heart’s essence is the truest and most swift and direct pathway to overthrowing that which holds you in its grip—the belief that you are separate from light, separate from the divine, separate from others, separate from life, separate from all knowingness.

In our year long study, we will take apart the interwoven systems of body, emotion, mind and spirit to reveal to each of you your patterns of separation. We will address your individual concerns and offer clear and concise methods for returning your levels to harmony and balance, unifying all aspects of your being.

We will do this in numerous ways so that your mind is satisfied and can relax into the acceptance that there is innate oneness already present. We will address your emotion and fill the spaces that feel like gaps that cannot seem to settle into safety. We will order your body so that you feel the intensity of your spirit in every cell, and we will open and expand your spirit to include all light and being around your physical vessel, around your relationships, home and world.

This year will be comprehensive, with monthly assignments that will be given to steady your world. For that is what is now needed, many of us steadying the world as we hold the completion of the “experiment” in grace, and design together a deeper and more compassionate state of being here.

We will work for 21 days out of every month and the last week of the month is free—no focus on the course, your process specifically, or any assignments you have received for that month. We are rebuilding from the ground up and need to rest for a 7-day period before entering into the focus of the next month.”



January: Setting the Groundwork: Enlisting the assistance of all worlds to hold the space of peace within and without; personal intentions, affirmations, and individual process. (Know what you intend, who you are, your spiritual connections and what supports your vision and manifestation.)

February: Opening the doors of the mind: Settling the discrepancies between thought and creation—left and right brain. (Creating your world the way you want it!)

March: Stabilizing the emotion: Addressing the gaps, filling them, smoothing and soothing them. (Finding safety in the body.)

April: Reshaping the consciousness of creation as it manifests in your vessel. (Designing the body you want!)

May: Synthesizing the energy of the subtle body, the physical structure, the emotional halo, and the spiritual vibration. (Opening and stabilizing the light body.)

June: Mid-term exam! Reassessment. Sensing the progress, stabilizing the levels, orchestrating the connections, breathing the union. (Finding balance.)

July: Organizing the conduits in your spiritual ley lines to adjust to your original grid; deep work to align the psyche as well. An important month of integration and solidification of what has come before. (Stabilizing the corridors of your consciousness.)

August: Focusing on purpose, direction, and action. Personal templates will be put in place to bring forth your intention for this lifetime to fully live your potential.

September: Activating and deepening inner channels and their relationship with your four bodies, your karmic patterns, and your awarenesses from August (your full intention for this lifetime.)

October: Clarifying your pathways. Joining forces with light, truth, order and union to activate the design you carry and unify that with the fuller design of the universe.

November: Enriching your field. Experiencing glory as every molecule of your being is in union with all life. How to hold a field of transpersonal union, becoming one with everything. (Transparency)

December: Ordaining the future. Living the dream. Seeing all as the field of awareness, joining with all hearts, opening the gateway of the heart fully.


Dates and times of meeting will be discussed by those joining the class, and the best time found for our meetings. Some classes will be with your small group and timing will be determined in your group.

I am very excited to be sharing this year with those of you who choose to accompany me on this journey. 

Have a wonderful New Year’s celebration of your heart and soul and the opportunity you have to live in the fullness of your being,

Flo Aeveia

The meetings will be a mix of video-conferencing, work-study groups and personal interaction with Flo about the information provided.

Year-long course one-time tuition of $450.00 until January 15th, at which time the tuition is $500.00.

Note: If you miss any calls; or join later than the 1st call; you will have access to all calls and materials!

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