Leadership and Personal Mastery

Leadership and Personal Mastery Training

Eight-Day Leadership Training Program

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Facilitating a Warm Water Soul Recognition in Arizona

The Leadership Training opens and deepens personal mastery, guiding us to understand dynamics of groups, power sharing, personal beliefs and projections, thus bringing the choice to put our feet to the fire!  This training prepares individuals to be leaders and to more fully understand the principles of Soul Recognition and the underlying philosophy of Soul Support Systems. Curriculum includes the process of working and creating in non-profit organizations, the understanding of collaborative relationships and executive decisions.

The exercises and meditations taught are designed to assist participants to hold the vibration of union, to speak, act, and create from the essence of soul and to honor others fully in their evolution as souls.

Heart ThreadSM facilitator group in Arizona

Sometimes individuals attend the programs rapidly, without Soul Recognition experience, and then do the Facilitator in Training process and Apprentice as they go. Individuals meet with the instructor of the Leadership Training after the training and set up a program to establish a plan for doing the work and structuring their apprenticeship experiences.

This program is not limited to those wanting to facilitate Soul Recognitions. We are establishing new programs as a part of the diversification of Soul Support Systems. This will require leaders and teachers who have attended the Leadership Training and we encourage all who would like to teach in any capacity to attend this training.

Curriculum for the Leadership Training

  • Creating a field of safety to explore personal and collective archetypal templates that hold duality/non-duality in collective consciousness
  • Exploring schisms that exist in spiritual/physical levels and activities and experiences that address these places of separation within us
  • Fully expressing the soul essence through sound, art and movement
  • Opening our gateways of creativity and resourcefulness
  • Deepening the Spiritual circuits in the body
  • Testing our emotional waters for balance and release
  • Heart-centered leadership
  • Clarification of our personal strengths and goals
  • Mastery as it pertains to leadership
  • Co-creating with other leaders and balancing gifts, capabilities and learning
  • Transference, projection, sexual energy, and kundalini
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Soul Recognition Facilitator training in Vermont

As part of the focus, we will also be continuing our development of these areas:

  • Enhancing intuitive, sensate, and awareness skills – non-verbal knowing
  • Practicing leadership and teaching skills
  • Maintaining individual & group soul connection, expanding communication with the soul
  • Holding the unified field
  • Chakra information, energy balancing, understanding of your energy system and your awareness of others’ energy
  • Understanding the relationship between emotion, body, soul, mind, and spirit and experiencing the subtle ways to enhance the connection while shifting existing patterns which inhibit energy flow and full functioning
  • Fine-tuning soul responses to others
  • General policies and procedures of the Soul work
  • Discussing concepts of Soul Recognition application in the world as an unfolding model;
  • Formulating policies for facilitators; developing networks of interaction between soul groups, souls, facilitators, and general public;
  • Vibrational Entrainment, research data, formulating data-bases for studies, grants, etc.

We will be discussing pod dynamics to establish the guidelines to best serve your unfolding and share our experiences with you to facilitate awareness of some of the pitfalls of “pod” growth and evolution.

Join us for this unique opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills as you deepen the connection with your soul’s purpose and clarify your life goals. Experience putting your feet to the fire in a safe and affirming space.

Auditing Trainings

Those taking this training for the second time pay half price for auditing the class. When taking this course for the third time there is no fee but attendees are responsible for some of the tasks necessary to support the workshop process.  PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE THE TRAINING TO DETERMINE YOUR ROLE AS AN AUDITOR AND AS A THIRD TIME PARTICIPANT.

For fees see our Bookings page, and to find out when the next course is taking place check our Programs and Events page or call us at (802) 722-9554.