Equine-Facilitated Learning

Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning

Leadership training with Equine Facilitated Learning

In this amazing and delicious training, we  utilize our connection with horses, as equal partners, to assist us by modeling congruent messages and behavior, as well as co-creative and consensual leadership and appropriate boundaries.

Through a series of specially designed activities, we will deepen our awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit the ability for us to reach our true potential as leaders.

A tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence comes from learning how to establish boundaries and direct a thousand-pound creature through mental focus, creative visualization and clarity of intent. They will teach us to experience emotional messages as information, and educate us, their human students, to live consciously in the present moment.


Horses at Great Cansiron Farm, East Sussex, England

Horses at Great Cansiron Farm, East Sussex, England

Horse-assisted activities help us to recognize and move beyond the coping strategies associated with surviving in a competitive world. This experience assists us to develop a thriving mind-set capable of endless compassion, innovation, energy adaptability, and creativity. These skills, which can be difficult to teach in a conventional classroom or counseling session, have far-ranging applications that are linked to increased success in personal, relationships, career and parenting.

No previous experience with horses is required, and these trainings involve working on the ground with the horse in a safe setting with an experienced handler. This may or may not proceed to working on  horseback. Note: Equine Assisted Leadership classes have additional fees applied. Not all of our Leadership courses are offered with equine-facilitation.

For fees please see our Bookings page, and to find out when the next course is taking place please check our News and Events page or call us at (802) 722-9554.