HeartThread—Living in The Field of the Heart



HeartThread is a transformational modality that allows us to release old patterns of conditioning and imprints of trauma, abuse and self-denigration that control our lives and keep us from living our full potential. HeartThread allows us to access messages stored in the cells of the body and release them without processing through the unconditional Field of the Heart. It is a simple, beautiful and effective practice and can be done in person or from a distance. It can be incorporated into healing practices and modalities such as massage, therapies and bodywork.

To learn more about HeartThread, click on this link to a YouTube video:
 HeartThread explained by Flo Magdalena Founder and Testimonials

Testimonials from a Recent HeartThread workshop:

“HeartThread is an exquisite, delicate, conscious healing experience everyone should know. It addresses and confirms the deepest truths of who you are, how you are and why you are this life.” Priscilla Schmidt, Holy Fire, Karuna, Reiki Master and Teacher and co director of Sacred Healing Lights (The Casita)

“I felt the warm, healing within my heart melting away years of pain, clearing for a new life, starting today. Thank you.” Holly

Other HeartThread Testimonials

  • “Not one day goes by that I am not thankful for this work and how much it has assisted me in my personal transformation and growth.” JM
  • “Working with HeartThread is like learning the language of Vibration.” KF
  • “One of the most loving things I have ever done for myself.” AR
  • “Thank you so much for the wonderful, loving HeartThread session. It was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. I feel lighter, freer, and more filled with light and love. Thank you so much.” LL
  • I had experienced some soul work previous to having a HeartThread with Raphael. The experience we had together really solidified many aspects for me, providing me with great insight that I had not connected before that time. It was a magical and very safe experience of opening the heart and connecting with the body to hear what it needs and hearing what it has to say. The work is deep and loving, and I highly recommend his work for the world. Thanks, Raphael.” AG

Become a Practitioner of HeartThread

If you are a practitioner of a healing modality or would like to be able to transform your life and the lives of others by living in the Field of the Heart more and more, consider attending the weekend HeartThread Practitioner Training in Boulder CO, June 23rd -25th
For more info and to register call Raphael Weisman (575) 770 1228. There is another opportunity in Stockton, CA, July 28th-30th.
Call Aaron for Registration and Location on (209) 229 6857
Call Raphael for more information on HeartThread on (575) 770 1228

This will also allow you to have an income stream at the same time as contributing to the evolution of consciousness on the planet and helping your fellow humans, ancestors and animals live a life of self-authority, ease and grace.

To watch a YouTube video with Karen Trujillo-Heffernan, use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io2mWDqdm_U&feature=em-subs_digest