Raphael Weisman

Raphael Weisman – Circuitry AlignmentSM and Heart ThreadSM facilitator – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Raphael Weisman

Raphael Weisman

Raphael Weisman grew up in South Africa and moved to Israel at age 18. He lived on a kibbutz, served in the army, and received his BA in English Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. While there, he was introduced to meditation and an Okinawan form of Karate. He moved to London in the 70s, where he studied Early fretted instrument making. On completion of the course, he and two other students were invited to set up a workshop beside the Early Music Center, building lutes and other Early instruments for customers from Europe and the UK.

While in London he became involved with an old Chinese guide and taught karate at his college. After 7 years in London, he and his wife, Lorna were invited by 33 Energies Inc. to move to the USA as part of a spiritual project. In 1983 he settled in the mountains of Northern New Mexico where he lived and created Harps of Lorien, building harps for harp therapy and children’s lyres for Waldorf School families.

He has recently moved to Santa Fe and has trained others to carry on Harps of Lorien. He is a practitioner of Circuitry AlignmentSM and Heart ThreadSM. His heart’s desire is to teach people around the world how they can use Heart ThreadSM to heal the scars of war, violence and trauma. He founded the non profit Healing The Scars to spread Heart ThreadSM around the world in association with Soul Support Systems, and to foundation the event Live As One, Honoring All Life, www.liveasone-11-11-11.com

Raphael has been a member of the Soul Support Systems community since 1999 and did his HT practitioner training in 2008.

His blog is healingthescars.wordpress.com

His website is www.harpsoflorien.com