Gabriella Angus

GABRIELLA ANGUS- Circuitry AlignmentSM, Soul RecognitionSM, and Heart ThreadSM Certified Facilitator

Gabriella Angus - Heart Thread Facilitator

Gabriella Angus

My background is as a Holistic practitioner and teacher. I first trained as a Reflexologist in 1989 and my work has continued to expand since. I have many years as a Divine Feminine workshop facilitator, and as a Meditation and Reiki teacher. I have also been involved with drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for many years, and am fortunate enough to be able to use all my skills to support this.

I currently work with John Henry Heart Thread, Reiki (as a practitioner & teacher), Auricular Acupuncture, Reflexology, Supercoherence (as a practitioner), and I also offer ‘Awakening Your Light Body’ teaching, Channeling evenings and one to one sessions, Meditation courses and ‘Awakening to Joy’ courses.

I was first introduced to Flo Aeveia and Soul Support Systems in France in 2010. This was the moment that changed my life. Connecting with an amazing presence called William Marshall, channeled through Aeveia, I found my life changing direction and focus. I have since become a John Henry Heart ThreadSM Facilitator, taken Aeveia’s Leadership course, attended numerous Soul Recognition experiences and have become a Soul RecognitionSM facilitator.

Gabriella Angus is based in Ashwell, Herts, England.
She can be contacted on: (44) (0) 7890 345421 or e-mail: gabiangus(at)hotmail(dot)com