Soul Recognition Training

Soul Recognition Facilitator

Soul Recognition Facilitators complete a 7-day intensive training designed for learning the “how to’s” of the Soul Recognition Work –  “The deepest work you will ever ask yourself to do.”

The educational and experiential pieces include:

  • The Human energy system
  • The Chakras and how to open, release, balance and connect the energies within them
  • Exploration of the subtle body
  • Identifying and understanding the relationship between the mind, emotion, body and spirit
  • Utilizing the intuitive nature to sense and feel connection with participants during their soul journeying
  • Bonding and uniting with your soul and the souls of others
  • Creating and maintaining a unified field.

Soul Recognition is a Four Facilitator Process

Because four facilitators are needed – power sharing, cooperation, and exploring egoic responses of separation and union are fundamental to our course objectives. After completing the Facilitators Training students begin an apprenticeship, learn-by-doing program that is individual in length and components.

Soul Recognition

Before becoming a Facilitator, students complete an 8-day Leadership course, which opens and deepens personal mastery. This experience provides assistance in identifying and processing areas of unconscious beliefs and conditioning which are ready to be understood, released and transformed, so we can be effective and congruent leaders.

Learn about unified fields, how they work and how to hold our place in the field of co-creation. We look at competition, sharing power, intuitive and telepathic awareness, and provide connection between mind, body, emotion and spirit. Many Leadership Courses are Equine Facilitated, adding the dimension of reflection from the horse kingdom about congruence, authenticity and balance.

It is necessary to experience a Soul Recognition before beginning training as a facilitator, but the Leadership course can be taken before the Facilitators course if that is better suited to the individuals needs of the person.

Soul Recognition – A Journey of Integration and Expansion

You can read a more detailed description Soul Recognition, how it works and how it can be described as:

“An ancient honoring of the soul and the unique purpose of each individual, which provides a group imprinting and re-patterning as we witness each other with acceptance, love, and a sense of belonging”

Read Flo’s article ‘Soul Recognition – A Journey of Integration and Expansion’.

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