Facilitator Training

Become a Soul Support Systems Facilitator

Train with us to become a facilitator! Live and work from your soul. Open your heart to the balance of body/emotion/mind/spirit as you learn to understand and initiate deep sessions of transformation both individually and in groups. Flo Aeveia Magdalena and her trained teachers conduct extensive trainings in many life-changing modalities, such as Circuitry Alignment, The Accelerated Thinking Proces, Soul Recognition and HeartThread.

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The Accelerated Thinking Process

Heart Thread

The Accelerated Thinking Process

Living The Power of Whole Brain Connection

Map Your Mind & Unleash Your Potential!

Live creatively! Be in the zone! Feel exhilarated

Experience Your Peak Power!

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HeartThread Facilitator Training

Heart Thread

Author your reality from the heart. During this three-day experience with the spirit of John Henry, training is given in the HeartThread method, how to utilize your connection with John Henry in your professional and personal life, and experience in offering HeartThread individual and group sessions. This training is for those who feel called to bring this profound experience to others. Discover more about HeartThread Training here…

Circuitry Alignment Facilitator Training

Circuitry AlignmentCircuitry Alignment is a gentle and effective modality that offers a deepening of awareness of the original blueprint that we carry in the seed of light, which lies within each of us. Many massage therapists, PT Therapists, body workers, and medical and homeopathic doctors find Circuitry AlignmentSM a perfect adjunct to their main practice. Read more about Circuitry Alignment Training here…

Soul Recognition Facilitator Training

Soul RecognitionSoul Recognition is a deep, profound, and life-changing experience that takes us on an inner journey to reunite with our soul’s essence. Soul RecognitionSM Facilitators complete a 7-day intensive training designed for learning the “how to’s” of the work, which has been described as “The deepest work you will ever ask yourself to do.” They then attend an 8-day Leadership Training and apprentice at Soul RecognitionSM Experiences.  Find out more about Soul Recognition Training here…