Equine Assisted Soul Recognition Experience

Date(s) - Feb 29 2016 - Mar 04 2016
All Day

At Middlewick Cottages, Wick Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

Soul Recognition is a deeply profound life-changing experience which takes us on an inner journey to reunite us with our soul’s full essence.  Equine assisted Soul Recognition enhances and expands the natural process of connection to all that we are.

f1be9a6e-3aae-4e8d-9194-0baee995558bHeld in a field of unconditional love, you will be guided by Soul Support Systems Facilitators and supported by Dawn and the Herd, and the Wisdom of the Spirit of Horse.  Together we weave a deep soul connection that will assist us to fully honor and express our soul’s purpose and presence. The Horses, Masters of emotional intelligence and naturally able to move between worlds, empower us to increase our self-awareness, confidence, and sense of authenticity.

Soul Recognition is a shamanic style healing journey, through which you are guided to ride the waves of your life force and you move through the layers of self to clear away any dense enrages or old wounds that block the free flow of this energy through the body.  This elicits a powerful response from that place within which yearns to become fully alive in body and soul.  The Horses assist this unique experience into our physical bodies and thus strengthens our ability to access our deepest wisdom.


For further details, please contact:

Flo Aeveia +448448 998747

soulsupport@soulsupportsystems.org or

Anna-Saqqara +447877 247105 annasaqqara@gmail.com


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