Circuitry Alignment Facilitators and Teacher Trainers Training

Date(s) - Aug 02 2013 - Aug 04 2013
9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Circuitry Alignment 

Circuitry Alignment is a  gentle and effective process that connects the original blueprint of your design (your purpose in this lifetime) to your soul seed (the point of access of the soul within.) As your unique pattern flows through you again, it brings the essence of who you are into every cell of your body. You can feel the vibration of who you really are!

Circuitry Alignment is an individual, deep and energizing experience to expand and integrate your unique vibration into your cells and body as light and energy. You feel more congruent, more authentic, stronger and more able to make choices in your life that support your essential or natural “self.”

         Circuitry Alignment Training 

Circuitry Alignment is easy to learn and integrate.  Facilitators can start using this modality immediately after the training and can provide it either in person or over the telephone.  Many massage therapists, PT Therapists, body workers, medical, and homeopathic doctors find Circuitry Alignment a perfect adjunct to their main practice. 

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