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How I Love This Book, Let Me Count The Ways…, May 15, 2014
By Brooke Berman author of: No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments
I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena (Paperback)
The experience of reading Flo Aeveia Magdalena’s I REMEMBER UNION is that of attending a deep and powerful mystery school. As you read this magical and deeply felt story, you are initiated. You become a part of the tale – because you were already a part of the tale. You remember your own design, what role you came to play and why you’re here at this time. Your energy stirs. You are moved. And this is the legacy of Magdalene, Christ, and their cohorts — both visible and invisible. Their story is a part of our own. And it’s never been told like this.
I REMEMBER UNION is told from the point of view of Christ’s closet and most trusted friend, confidante, partner and lover, Mary Magdalene. Her story unfolds through time and space, from the Swing Between Worlds where the soul that would be hers looks into the design and sees her part in the unfolding – all the way past her death and into the future, into the moment where we all remember the truth of the soul and live its promise. “You are assembling,” she tells us after her death, “and therefore it is time.” Most moving is the revelation that Jesus has received power and learned from a female lineage – his mother Mary, Magdalene’s mother, and ultimately Mary Magdalene herself. He carries ancient feminine wisdom and transmutes it. The players choose to let the feminine story be hidden until the time, 2000 years in the future, our time, in which it may be revealed and honored.
And that time is now! It has never been more important to remember who we are and wake up to our divinity. I REMEMBER UNION assists in this. It is Mary’s great talent, to help us remember who we are. Jesus and Mary and Judas teach us, through the retelling of their intertwined stories, about choice and forgiveness, lessons and true freedom. They illustrate how we come into form and what happens as we play our parts. And slowly, as we read their story, we become more aware of the choices we have at every moment, choices that enable us to live from the soul and become whole. “The only way to find home is through the learning,” we are told. And who doesn’t want to find home?
Brooke Berman
Author of
No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments by Brooke Berman
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