The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM

The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM

….a series of experiential training programs


Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Living the Power of Whole Brain Connection


Map Your Mind & Unleash Your Potential

Live creatively! Be in the zone! Feel exhilarated!

Connecting with the “Quantum Leap” Capacity of Your Right Brain increases intelligence, allays emotional fears and movesyou fully into your power, purpose and intention. Synch the left and right sides of your brain for easier learning and enhanced attention and focus.

Experience Your Peak Power!

When we use our fullest “whole brain function,” experiences of emotional pain, fear, trauma and separation are transcended. Gaps between our mind and heart, and our actual and potential are removed so we walk into the world as open, clear, and bright lights radiating our essence and joy.


In this three-day experiential training we map your thinking patterns, identifying how to synch your brain waves and experience a flowing and balanced left/right brain function. One might call it a Re-Boot.

Upon completing the training you will be able experience this change and assist others to balance their cognitive and creative functions, work with children and others with learning and cognitive challenges, and assist those with unconscious fears or conscious traumas which inhibit them from living peaceful lives or fully expressing their potential. 

As we re-pattern gaps in the flow between the two sides of our brain and create a new waveform, we are capable of fuller presence in our lives. These gaps have been caused by memories, disappointments, challenges, fears, and disillusionment. Since these events are recorded as a “separation” and are unconscious, it is difficult for our left and right sides to work in unison. When the two sides are unified, our brain operates at peak proficiency.

  • You will explore your brain’s pathways
  • Map your thinking patterns
  • Identify how your Thought Wave FormSM is designed
  • Learn how to synchronize your brain waves
  • Experience a flowing and balanced left/right brain function
  • Learn what actually happens when you get “stuck” and freeze and can’t think
  • Find out how to shift your perception to experience more balance and peace

Benefits of The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM

  • Reduce stress, worry and reactivity, and stay in the present so you STOP anticipating challenges
  • Increase your intelligence, self­‐confidence and effectiveness
  • Relax & trust your inner knowing to answer your questions and bring you resolution so you can enjoy your life
  • See profound changes in learning challenges, cognitive pattern disruptions such as ADD, or any condition that affects your functioning and states of being
  • Open to receive abundance, joy, and harmony

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What People Are Saying About The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM:

“I have never been this peaceful with myself. I AM seriously Happy!” Cindy Heald, Maine

“Every day in every way I am feeling better!” Cheryl Seghezzi, Massachusetts

“This class is imperative for anyone working in the coaching, counseling, or healing environment. Flo’s ability to translate information into an easy learning style for all made this information more accessible.”  Pamela Garrett, Phoenix, AZ

“A wonderful way for anyone who is on the journey to a more joyful life to learn how to quickly shift thought patterns with ease–a transformational process whether one wants to use for healing and working with others or just for self. “

Rosemary Healy, Pennsylvania

“Seeing my Thought Wave Form as a picture as well as its definition in print created an expansion in my mind, a bridge that will allow me to integrate this power of “Whole Brain Connection!” I am thrilled as a family coach to utilize this technique with children, who will also relieve parent’s frustration and I hope eliminate the use of unnecessary prescription use. Working with others is key to this workshop. It provided immediate validation of this work.”

Karen Trujillo-Heffernan, Mission Viejo, California

“I would highly encourage anyone in the healing arts to attend.” Peter Insalaco, New York, New York


Flo Magdalena is a respected visionary and holistic health professional with 35 years experience in mind/body medicine and alternative healing.

Flo has created modalities that support optimal health, ultimate purpose, and spiritual alignment.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Soul Support Systems and Innovative Methods of Health Care. Flo’s work is remarkable and life changing.

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The Light Center, Black Mountain, North Carolina.

August 22-24,2014