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Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Flo Aeveia Magdalena


Flo Aeveia Magdalena founded Soul Support Systems in 1994. Her vision and work are based on the concept that humans, nature, and spirit live cooperatively and sustainably. Flo is a respected visionary, futurist, author, channel, healer, teacher, and spiritual mid-wife. She has worked throughout the world for over 30 years with individuals and groups, helping them connect to and access their soul’s essence and to live their highest potential and life purpose.

The programs of Soul Support Systems help us to do just this. Flo believes that focusing on ways to catalyze our potential and to understand our life patterns assists us to live from our greatest vibrational essence. Living in this vibration keeps our interactions, choices and decisions compatible with the pattern of our potential and links us to our part of the design. This process is supported individually through Circuitry AlignmentSM and Soul RecognitionSM.

The Soul RecognitionSM experience offers an opportunity to reconnect with inner, outer and universal patterns of unity. Soul RecognitionSM is an ancient and shamanic journey that aligns and anchors the energy, purpose, and patterning of the soul consciously into the body and life. SR releases energetic and karmic blocks within the body and heals conditioning held in the physical, mental and emotional levels; helping us open the auric field and ground light into the cellular tissue. Flo teaches sound and vibrational healing to assist in relaxing, opening, and healing the subtle bodies. In October of 2005, she introduced Circuitry AlignmentSM, a process to unify and experience our original blueprint within the cells and systems of our body.

A Published Author

Flo has published three books; Honoring Your Child’s Spirit, I Remember Union: The Story Of Mary Magdalena, and Sunlight On Water: A Manual For Soul-full Living. Each brings a message of hope about humanity’s capacity to create a world of peace, honor, and union.


Trained as a registered nurse, Flo has a background in psychiatry and medicine. After graduating from the Patricia Hayes School in 1981, a school of “inner sense development,” Flo combined her nursing experience with metaphysics, and began teaching classes in holistic health, therapeutic touch, and psychoneuroimmunology–mind/body connection. Flo uses the hologram as a model for balance and communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain, assisting people to create more easily and live more in harmony with their potential and their world.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Flo Aeveia Magdalena with her granddaughter Sabina


Working extensively with conflict resolution and group-process, Flo formed a “model of cooperation group” in 1991 in Washington, DC. This model is an alternative societal choice for the coming years. “Sharing concepts about cooperation, union, and the animistic way of working with the earth and each other, is essential. The intention is to create together and foster a place to live that utilizes our fullest potential and purpose OUTSIDE OF existing societal limitations. Using this land, assisting everyone to live their purpose, and changing the existing structure and dogma seems like the same thing to me. It fires my heart and intention.”

This is Flo Magdalena’s vision –
a place, a purpose, and a life called Heaven on Earth.

Each day you say:
“I am a light being and light I shall remain.”
And therefore, without thought, the essence becomes charged.
From ‘Sunlight on Water: A Manual for Soul-Full Living’