The Diamond of Integration 

Experience Your Points Of Power

With Mary Magdalene


 Flo Magdalena

Receive a recording and transcript of Preparing for the Shift: The Coming Together of the Ages: Amazing and Transformative! You have never had this experience before!!! $25.00.

Since Valentine’s Day Mary Magdalene has brought a powerful, ancient, and life-changing process that she and Christ shared 2000 years ago.

Mary teaches us to connect with and align our Star of Recognition or Point of Origin, our Altar of Truth or Incarnation Point, and the Vesica Pisces within us.

Aligning and balancing these aspects physically and etherically brings us fully into our body in this incarnation. As our vibration changes and we unify with all aspects of ourselves, the world’s judgment and perception of us is erased. We Reclaim Our Individual Point of Power and more fully live our essence, powerfully and completely!

“This seems so natural, basic and already present, and vital/imperative to all we require and desire.”

“Using the diamond and clarifying what was inside of my essence and what wasn’t allowed me to let go of what the world thinks of me and embrace what I know myself to be!”

Venue: The Light Center Lodge, Black Mountain, NC  28711 

Time/Date: 7:00pm-10:00 pm Thursday April 23, 2015   Exchange: $25.00

To Register: Email or call: 802-722-9554.