Spiritual Guidance

Individual Spiritual Guidance and Coaching

Spiritual Guidance and Coaching

Spiritual Guidance and Coaching to help you on your journey


Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions offer direction, guidance and problem-solving in the following areas: balancing creation with survival; understanding the karma of relationships; fully living your potential and activating your energetic awareness to catalyze your life experience, your physical and emotional health, and to promote balance and grace in your experience.

Spiritual Guidance: Blueprint Sessions

A Blueprint Session is an Akashic Record Reading with The Ones With No Names. This guidance provides in-depth understanding about your gifts and patterns, helps in integrating your strengths and learnings, and answers questions about who we are, why we have come and what we have chosen to bring to the world. A deeply felt and supportive knowledge of your life path, this reading offers peace and acceptance, along with ways to kick-start your dreams and visions.

William Marshall Readings

William Marshall is called ‘The Greatest Knight that ever lived’. Born in 1269, William lived a long and deeply impactful life, was the regent to King John and teacher to four kings. William has come forth at this time to represent the male aspect of Grace in the 21st century.

His readings are specific, practical, and give amazingly simple yet effective answers about making things work, healing relationships, and help to get you going when you are stuck. He teaches us how to bring grace wherever we go! He is a truly inspirational spirit and brings what he calls The Light Magnificent – an opportunity for movement in our life and relationships through the essence of Grace.

You can find a facilitator here to arrange an appointment, or if you would like any more information you can call Soul Support Systems at (802) 722-9554 or send us a message.