Circuitry Alignment

Individual Circuitry AlignmentSM

Circuitry Alignment

Circuitry AlignmentSM

Circuitry AlignmentSM connects the original blueprint of your design (your purpose in this lifetime) to your soul seed (the point of access of the soul in the body). It is an individual, gentle energy experience to expand and integrate your unique vibration into your cells and body as light and energy. You feel more congruent, more authentic, stronger and more able to make choices in your life that support your essential or natural “self.”

What happens in a Circuitry AlignmentSM session?

These sessions are one-to-two hour experiences that can be held in person, or long distance sessions are possible on the phone. Many facilitators have trained in this modality, use this link to a list of available practitioners.

Once you have made contact with your practitioner and a time is set to do the session, a booklet is sent to you before the session so you can prepare. The booklet (purchased for $15.00) gives information and meditations to support the experience before, during and after your session.

During the session the practitioner will energetically and etherically open your blueprint and then gently touch your clothed body (or imagine doing so if the session is a long-distance session) on your head, the back of your neck, your shoulders, the center of your chest and stomach, your hips, legs and feet. These points are known to assist in the grounding of your pattern into the cells of the body.


You are also taught how to refresh your Circuitry AlignmentSM so that you can continue to deepen this connection between the original and actual pattern you carry indefinitely. After the completion of the process you rest and integrate the pattern until you feel ready to move about.

For more information, please call us at (802) 722-9554 or send us a message.